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20 Animals That Cause The Most Human Deaths Every Year

These Animals Cause the Most Human Deaths Every Year

20. Sharks

Every year, sharks are responsible for around 75 attacks on people. Of that number, only around 10 people will die. Sharks do not actively prey on humans, and most of the time it’s just a case of unfortunate misidentification – they think the human is a juicy seal or sea turtle. Once they have taken a bite, more often than not they will swim away, leaving the victim to bleed out in the water. The species that are most responsible for human attacks are Great White Sharks and Bull Sharks.

19. Leopards

There is no comprehensive global database that exists for fatal leopard attacks, and many countries do not even keep official records. When most animals are wounded, they will run and hide, but not leopards. When these majestic creatures are injured they become even more dangerous. Leopard and human confrontations are quite common in India, with these encounters resulting in 15 deaths a year.

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