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10 Rarest Animals You Might Not Have Seen Earlier

Nature has given animals a wide variety of distinctive colors that we can all immediately recognize. Many of these colors and patterns have become iconic in their own right, and have even influenced human fashion and design. However, with nature being nature, it occasionally throws us a surprise. Rare genetic …

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Meet The Red Panda Cubs In Chicago

Meet Clark and Addison. Born in 2015, these two adorable red pandas can be seen at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. Native to the Himalayan mountain ranges of China, Nepal, India, Burma and Bhutan; Red Pandas are adept climbers and their diet consists of bamboo shoots and leaves. Although not closely …

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German Photographer Captures Soulful Photographs Of Zoo Animals

German photographer Manuela Kulpa creates hauntingly beautiful artworks with endangered species from photographs taken at zoos and wildlife parks. With each stunningly beautiful image the viewer may feel as though they are peering into the soul of the subject. Manuela says, “my photos are currently the most effective means for …

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