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16 Works Of Highly Creative People

When you look at people, the average guy on the street doesn’t strike you as original or creative. But when you take a second look, you see that a lot of people are actually very creative, able to surprise and delight us if only given the chance. These amazing creations …

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The Famous Harbin Ice Sculpture Festival Of China

If you’re a fan of Winter Wonderlands and snow-covered scenes, then you will love the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. As the name suggests, it is an annual ice sculpting competition and festival, taking place in Heilongjiang Province in northern China. In its beginning, this winter carnival featured …

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Intricate Paper Art By Creative Artists

Some artists draw on paper, and some see paper as the brush itself. Modern artists have perfected the use of almost any material as an art form, and these talented artists have used the traditional canvas material in many creative and surprising ways. After seeing these, you may never look …

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Sculptures And Paintings Make A Perfect Combo

Shintaro Ohata is a Japanese artist who has the knack of cleverly combining sculpture and canvas, creating unique effects. Ohata draws his inspiration from movies and everyday life and immerses the viewer in his 2D/3D work of art. His manipulation of color and light is the secret to his successful …

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Spectacular Metallic Sculptures By Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is an artist from South Carolina. He has an old, much-loved hobby of creating spectacular sculptures crafted meticulously out of old cutlery. His passion for creating sculptures out of metallic materials began in 2006 when he worked as a director of the Center de Beaux-Arts in Greenville. To …

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Unique Sculptures Made Of Skateboards

Sculptures made of broken skateboard Yaponsky Harosh author (Haroshi) makes unique sculptures out of wood from skateboards December. Compressing and processing them, he receives a special texture in the form of pixels, mosaics and other designs. After that leads them into the desired shape. The author was born in Tokyo, …

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