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15 Inspiring Life Quotes By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, or F. Scott Fitzgerald, as most people know him is considered to be one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. Few authors have come to be so closely associated with an era, as Fitzgerald and the roaring twenties. Despite that, his work proved …

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Smart Kids That Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Everybody is born with a heart, but these kids are born with extra big ones. Their optimism and generous natures don’t let circumstances stop them from showing kindness to people and animals. These are the people who are going to change the world, one act at a time. Their stories …

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The Little Gardener (Inspiring Story)

This gem of a story by Hawaiian-born Emily Hughes is a celebration of life and the human spirit, inspiring for all ages. The little gardener is a story about a tiny boy as big as a thumb and the seemingly insurmountable task of his passion to grow a garden. Tenderly …

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11 Principles Of Life That You Should Adopt

No one in this world lives life exactly like you do. You are unique in that your experiences and choices have shaped you into who you are today, and no one else has been through the exact same experiences. Despite that, there are certain universal truths about life that we …

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