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15 Dogs That Look Hilarious With Wigs

It’s just not fair that humans are the only species that get to wear wigs. In fact, dogs adorned in wigs can look just as cute and just as funny as humans do – as you’re about to find out. We’re well aware that this installment of funny dog pictures …

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16 Weird Hairstyles You’d Never Want To Get

We all love our hair. It’s a fabulous expression of our individuality and sense of style. Many people style their hair to reflect their interests, while others prefer a formal look or keeping up with the latest fashions. There is a myriad of hairstyles to choose from but some often …

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The British Hair Awards 2016

This Finalist Afro Collection Is A Gorgeous Modern Tribute To African Culture When it comes to hairdressing, Lisa Farrall is one of the best in her field. Her collection, Armour, won first place in 3 categories at The Black Hair Awards and was also one of the finalists in the …

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