Sunday , December 10 2023

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18 Adorable Animals To Make Your Day Orangish

We’ve always heard that being redheaded is a personality trait, and because it’s a hair color you don’t see often, redheads stand out wherever they go. However, it turns out that red-headedness also exists in the animal kingdom, both in familiar animals and those that are unknown and interesting. Check …

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Anna Chojnicka Makes Fantastic Banana Art

If you remember some of the artists we have featured before, you probably know that practically any surface can become a canvas. Sometimes, it’s a dusty car window or even an empty mint container. Art can be created on virtually anything. For Anna Chojnicka, the unconventional canvas of choice is… …

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18 Insects That Are Really Beautiful

Insects may not seem like the most aesthetically pleasing creatures on this planet, but they are, as always, just waiting to surprise you. When we see a spider, we instinctively flinch and we can’t help but run in fear from wasps. We enjoy butterflies in our gardens but when a …

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Life Is Full Of Vibrant Colors

Life is full of color. It seems that no matter where you look, there are incredible colors all around. You don’t have to pack your bags and head out camping just yet, although it might sound like a good idea after you’ve had a look at these images! I think …

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Burano Is The Most Colorful Italian Island

Looking at these photos I can’t believe that a place like Burano is real. This tranquil island is bursting with color in the Northern Venetian Lagoon, close to Venice and Murano. This stunning island is actually an archipelago of 4 islands and there are 5 quarters. Burano is most famous …

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