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17 Oldest Historical Things Ever Found

For every item we take for granted, there was an ancestor, long, long ago. These unique pieces of our history as a species show us the remarkable journey we’ve made, over thousands, and tens of thousands of years, to reach this point in our technology and our abilities. We may …

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10 Most Famous Human Mummies Ever Discovered In History

Pharaoh Tutankhamun corpse, Princess Ukok, Rosalie Lombardo … are the most famous mummies in the world with many interesting facts that amaze the public. Pharaoh’s mummy Tutankhamun is one of the most famous mummies in the world. Discovered in 1922, this Egyptian king’s mummy surprised the scientific community because it …

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Top 10 Discoveries By Archaeologists In 2018

Recent archeological discoveries offer a huge variety of eye-opening findings that deepen our understanding of history. Some of these findings change the way we understand history completely. For example, it turns out that there was another massive plague outbreak around 3800 BC. On a more positive note, scientists also learned …

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