Friday , June 22 2018

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  • A Photographer Creates A Magical World With Infrared Photography

    -ADVERTISEMENT- -ADVERTISEMENT- The photographer takes photos of polish natural environment with the infrared-converted camera. The more green colours we can see in reality, the more pinkish the outcome will be. More info: Instagram

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  • 13 Things A Guy Should Know Before Dating A Modern Indian Lady

    -ADVERTISEMENT- Women in India have faced a lot of hardships and had been marginalized at every level. However, with changing times, and women standing up for themselves, there is nothing that can now stop an Indian woman from achieving anything she wishes for. They are not ready to compromise whatsoever. …

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  • Boone The Teddy Bear Spreading the Smiles

    -ADVERTISEMENT- -ADVERTISEMENT- About a year ago, I saw an ad for Costco’s giant 93 inch teddy bear and knew I had to buy it for my girlfriend. After purchasing it and playing with it for a while I had the idea to create an instagram page for the bear, to …

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  • Modern Day Dating Struggles People Face These Days

    -ADVERTISEMENT- With everything coming under the roof of ‘modern’ day by day, the definition of love, romance and ‘dating’ have also changed for this generation. And no it isn’t getting easier for us. From freaking out immediately when someone says they like you to casually dating when you want to …

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  • Top 10 Misconceptions About Depression You Need To Know Right Away

    -ADVERTISEMENT- Go outside and have fun your depression will go away. Wait, what? Seriously? How convenient it is for people to have their own notions about a serious mental illness. Depression is the most misunderstood illness amongst people and it is just sad that people just don’t even bother to …

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