Sunday , December 3 2023

People Sleep On Hammocks Hanging Hundreds Of Feet Above Italian Alps

The International Highline Meeting festival seems like one of the chillest festivals we’ve ever heard of, but it also might be one of the most terrifying – attendees spend most of their time strung up on tightropes stretched across the Italian Alps in Monte Piana.

The attendees call themselves “slackers” because of the slacklines they balance themselves on. This extreme sport differs from tightrope walking in that the rope has a slightly flattened shaped and has slack, meaning that it can move side-to-side or bounce.

Besides the fact that the slackers spend a good part of their days (and nights) on slacklines suspended hundreds of feet above the Italian dolomite Alps, the meeting has all the trappings of a normal festival – a kitchen, a bar, and awesome musical jam sessions. Attendees can also attend a Yoga workshop or take tandem paraglider flights.

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