Wednesday , October 28 2020

A Letter Posted To Map Address Gets Delivered


Desperate Man Without Address Draws Map On Envelope Instead, And It Gets Delivered

An Iceland tourist didn’t have the address of the person he was sending a letter to, but luckily, he had a good memory.

So, instead of putting an address on the envelope, he drew a map which leads to a farm in Hvammsveit, West Iceland, with a red dot marked on the destination. The envelope reads: ‘Country: Iceland. City: Búðardalur. Name: A horse farm with an Icelandic/Danish couple and three kids and a lot of sheep!’. It also has a little clue in the corner saying that ‘the Danish woman works in a supermarket in Búðardalur.’ How cute!

This Icelandic tourist didn’t know the address but had a good memory


Image credits: Jidoen

And, according to a local newspaper, Skessuhornið, it still reached the intended destination!


Image credits: jaari


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