Tuesday , April 23 2019

40 Most Dangerous Female Criminals In The World


2. Leslie Van Houten

Many people have heard of Charles Manson and the infamous “Manson Family” cult that followed him. Three women, in particular, were devout followers of Manson, so much so that they committed some of the grisliest crimes the world has ever seen. One of these women was named Leslie Van Houten.

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Van Houten murdered Rosemary LaBianca and her husband Leno. She brutally stabbed LaBianca 16 times. In fact, she was not originally meant to oversee the murders, according to the plan Charles Manson had laid out. He had a special group in mind. Nonetheless, Van Houten accompanied the group and ended up participating in the crime. The fact that she showed no remorse at her trial made the whole ordeal even more bone-chilling. In court, she came across as giggly and girlish and even attempted to clear Manson’s name. She was sentenced to death but later the sentence was reduced to life in prison, where she still resides today.

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