Saturday , September 18 2021

40 Most Dangerous Female Criminals In The World

1. Myra Hindley

The crimes that Myra Hindley committed were so ghastly that many have dubbed her the “most evil woman in Britain.” Although Hindley did not act alone, she was responsible for an inordinate amount of grief and suffering. At her side was her equally formidable accomplice, Ian Brady. The pair claimed the lives of five children.

Huddersfield Examiner

To make matters even worse, evidence revealed that four of these children had been sexually abused by their perpetrators. These children ranged in age, but the youngest was just ten years old. Even more devastating is how Hindley and Brady were caught. They were in the process of murdering a teenage girl with an ax when a relative of Hindley’s walked in on the whole thing. Both Hindley and Brady went to prison and died there, Brady just this year.

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