Saturday , November 26 2022

20 Terribly Copied Logos So Bad They’re Downright Hilarious

Everyone has the wrong impression. Indians do not like to copy. We get these amazingly out-of-the-box design ideas that go perfectly well with the brand, but somehow, SOMEHOW, we realise that the design has already been used. So yes, it’s the other way round. We do not copy, we come up with the design first, and it is only later that we find out that the design was already in use, for years. These poor guys must’ve gone through something similar. How else would you justify the hilarious similarity between the two. Hmm? Dolce & Banana?

1. When Liverpool had such a bad season that they became Gurukul instead.



2. “With the design and simplicity of the Apple saree, we have completely revolutionised how we wear our sarees.”



3. Lay’s, now with a ‘G’ instead of a ‘Y’. Also a Rs. 9 discount to convince you of its goodness.



4. Indians aren’t the only ones who are getting cheated like this. Anywho, banana sounds and is a lot more nutritious than any Tom, Dick and Gabbana.



5. This monsoon, drink only Biloori – 100% pure and hygenic Mumbai rainwater.


6. Because being addicted to Facebook is not nice. It’ll make you stupid, and in this particular time, make you fat and give you high cholesterol.


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