Thursday , September 28 2023

16 Scandalous Confessions By College Professors That Will Shock The Hell Out Of You

When it comes to excelling at life, we look up to our college professors to teach us everything about the world. We always have this strict, stern image of a professor in mind, who praises you if do well in a subject or scolds you when you don’t. You’ve never seen a professor thinking about something other than making you study well and pushing you to do well in your subject.

However, sometimes they do think beyond their subject. You will never find out if they have a crush on a student or if they have a personal vengeance against them. Had it not been for Whisper. Check out these shocking revelations from professors around the world that will make you look at them from a different angle altogether.

1. Is this Walter White?

2. From a perv professor!

3. That’s so honest

4. Ewww!

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