Friday , October 30 2020

Guatemala Through A 13-Year-Old Photographer’s Eyes


I got to spend a week in Guatemala. Despite all of the violence and poverty surrounding this country, what I experienced was a beautiful land full of kind, loving people.

Though I only got to spend a short time there, it left a lasting impact on my life. These are just a few images with the stories behind them that made my previous trip so special. I hope you enjoy taking a look into my journey as a 13-year-old in this wonderful place.

A glorious sunset over the village in the mountains


Abuelita. I had the immense honor and pleasure of meeting this beautiful lady

Living by a coffee plantation in the mountains of Guatemala, all of her family had died. She lived by herself in a straw hut and cleaned her neighbor’s house to try and make a living. She hardly had any food, and all of her teeth were gone. With so many hardships and so much sorrow in this lady’s life, you would think she would be heartbroken and devastated. However, her face and personality radiated joy. Her eyes twinkled and even though she had no teeth, it seemed as if a hidden smile was always there. I was in awe at her joy and happiness in life even when she had nothing. When I asked to take her picture, she looked up at me and made a smile in her own special way. It was a beautiful moment that I will remember for a long time!

A cold morning in the village turned into a beautiful array of colors

The contrast of the sunrise with the poverty of the village below really struck me.

A village nestled in the mountains

With cobblestone streets and century-old buildings, the cars driving through and electrical lamps almost seemed out of place.

Taken in an orphanage we were able to go to


Seeing the kids smiling faces even when their situations were not the best really encouraged and inspired me. While playing tag with the children I noticed this beautiful girl. Even though her shirt was torn she was smiling a huge, warm smile at me. I was so happy to get a photo to remember the moment!

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