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Breathtaking Natural Views From Amazing Places

The beauty of nature is all around us, and sometimes, we need to change our perspective a bit to fully appreciate it. Just standing on a vantage point and looking down on one of these amazing places is a truly humbling experience. I wouldn’t recommend you visit these places yourself if you have a fear of heights, but that’s exactly what photos are for!

Dachstein Stairway – Austria

Some of the highest bridges in the world are located in the Dachstein Glacier resort in the Austrian Alps, and the views you can see from them are just stunning. It is as if you are peering down from the top of the world.

The Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean – Namibia

Some of the biggest and most spectacular sand dunes in the world are found in the Namib desert. If you are brave enough to climb one near the edge of it, you will see a unique and truly bizarre view, where desert meets ocean.

Isle of Skye – Scotland

Skye is well-known for its amazing geography and diverse wildlife. Full of picturesque lakes and breathtaking mountains, the area known as the Quiraing Landslide offers the best views of the island.

Twelve Apostles Beach – Australia

The apostles are massive columns of rock that survived thousands of years of coastal erosion. They are a very popular tourist attraction and a well known landmark of the Australian coastline.

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