Sunday , July 3 2022

7 Things You Must Do When You Are Travelling Solo

As you must have heard from a lot of people, solo travelling is an experience we all must have once in our life time. Though travelling with a group of friends is super fun, solo travelling gives you a whole new perspective about your own life. So, if you have decided to take a solo trip and hit your favourite destination with a backpack on, you have to be very much prepared for the same. To make sure that you have an amazing trip, we have figured out a few things you all must do when you are solo travelling.

1. Make prior reservations on a safer side.

Even if you planned for this trip at the last moment, it would be great if you make the reservations in advance. Starting from the tickets to hotel, it is always good to play on the safer side so that your one and only solo trip is not spoiled. Yes, you can dump those reservations if you come across something more exciting once you have reached.

2. Get the best view

If you are going to enjoy every single second of your travel, don’t look at how good the hotel is, rather focus on the location and view from your room. Suppose if you are going Goa, you can even live in a hut and stay happy because it’s on the beach.

3. Create a photo series.

Take inspiration from different people who travel solo (a lot of the have accounts on Instagram). Check how they follow a particular theme and make their travel pictures look all the more interesting. If you can create your own theme, you might make it even more memorable.

4. Explore the unexplored.

Don’t just stick to the places that other people have been to and praised for, explore small places that are not talked about much. Try to find small attractions and eating joints that are more authentic than those famous ones.

5. Make new friends.

If you are going on a solo trip, making new friends must be your top priority. After all, those people are going to define your experience of that trip and if nothing, you might come back with some everlasting bonds.

6. Sleep on a bench.

See, you can’t sleep on a park bench while you are living in a city where your home is. But once you are out of your comfort zone, doing such things gives you an experience that lasts forever.

7. Talk to the locals.

Knowing the stories of the place and about the people of the town that you are visiting is an amazing feeling. It gives you a lot of lessons about life and you get to know a side of the world that you weren’t aware of.

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