Thursday , September 24 2020

6 Of The World’s Highest Inhabited Places That Exist Above 10,000 Feet


Can you imagine what life must be like for someone living at 10,000 ft? Man being able to survive under stressed conditions is the result of, approximately, 3.5 billion years of evolution.

The higher you move, the lower the air pressure. Some people experience the first signs of altitude sickness at 8000 ft and then there are those who take to 10,000 ft relatively easily, experiencing symptoms only later.

For people from some of the world’s most elevated cities, every day is a feat, and here’s what it looks like.



This 50,000-people strong community, according to a 2012 census, in La Rinconada in Peru thrives at roughly 16,700 feet. Said to be the highest city in the world, La Rinconada’s economy is dependent on the city’s gold mine.

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