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12 Places You Must Travel To Around India If You Love Photography


The land of many paradoxes, India holds numerous different spots. Some are barren and fruitless and some spots are favoured with lavish greenery and shocking woodland. Unquestionably, our country is personified with its individuality of landscape, and is a photographer’s paradise. From its natural beauty to the rich culture and diverse emotions across the nation, there is a lot your lens can capture if it is at the right place at the right time.

So here’s a list of places you must travel if you love photography! Flinging open doors to a new world to explore behind the camera.

1. Himachal Pradesh


Considered among the most well-known visitor destinations on the planet, Himachal Pradesh is a standout among the lovely Himalayan states, with widespread magnificence. The panoramic view of Himachal Pradesh is stunning, particularly the part that resembles Switzerland’s geology. Khajjar, located 2000 meters above ocean level, at the foot of Dhauladhar is a photographer’s dream. The crystal clear waterway of Chandertal Lake, the “Sar Pass”, and the Rohtang Pass are viewed as other spots for landscape photography in India.

2. Rajasthan

An undeniable photography haven, steeped in royal history, Rajasthan showcases colourful locals, grand palaces, havelis, festivals and a landscape as barren and harsh as it is beautiful.

Jaisalmer’s canvas of sand is dotted with camels, and is a favourite with photographers. The floating Lake Palace of Udaipur, forts in Jodhpur and Jaipur with sentries standing guard in traditional attire, and the Pushkar fair also offer rich pickings for your camera. The hazy morning and twilight lends itself to surreal images, but then this holds true for most of Rajasthan. Unquestionably, throughout the year, the state possesses its hypnotising landscape photography temperament.


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