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10 Places In Las Vegas You Have To Visit

There’s More to Las Vegas than Gambling…

Las Vegas is internationally known as “Sin City”, thanks to its tolerance of adult forms of entertainment. But despite being famous for its casinos and gambling, this city has much more to offer. The savvy tourist can go about Las Vegas and feel he or she is traveling around the world. If you’re a fan of the desert, a short drive out of the city will provide you with incredible views of the Mojave.
In this list, you will find the 10 can’t-miss locations for anyone visiting Las Vegas.

1. Stratosphere Tower

Many of the hotels in Las Vegas have ‘a theme’ designed to draw in bigger crowds, and the Stratosphere Tower is no different in that regard, but it is still unique and rises above them all (pun intended). It is the tallest building in Las Vegas, standing 360 meters (1181 ft) tall. The top of the tower features an observation deck, allowing visitors to see the whole city, and out into the surrounding desert during the day, or the strip’s twinkling lights at night. Braver souls can even jump off (while safely secured, of course). If you’re already up there, it’s the fastest way down…

2. Fremont

Walking around in Fremont is an experience no visitor should miss! Throughout the night, the street becomes the stage for amazing audio-visual displays that are projected on the 30 meter (98 ft) high ceiling. Before the start of each show, all of the casinos in the area switch off their lights, signaling an upcoming show. As the magic begins, over 12 million LED lights begin their dance, making an experience that can only be described as mesmerizing.

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