Saturday , March 6 2021

10 New Features Of WhatsApp You Can’t Get Enough Of

2. Voice Mail

Another Android-only feature for now, voice mail will allow users to record messages by long pressing the ‘mic’ icon near the chat box. Just like the ‘call back’ feature, it’s not available through the Google Play store, but is available in the latest beta version.

For those who can’t wait to test voice mail functionality, the apk can be had from APKMirror website.


Often feel that you could quote a specific conversation in those long-threaded messages? It’s possible, thanks to a functionality WhatsApp added recently. The popular messaging app rolled out an update which brings message quote feature.

The update enables users to quote somebody’s message(s) at the time of replying. Users just need to select a message which they want to reply to, following which a reply button comes up.

Then they need to tap the button, type in the reply and simply hit Send. Once this is done, the message is sent and the reply appears in quotes. The feature works in both one-on-one as well as group chats. Along with this, users can also preview the quoted message inside a box.

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