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How To Take Care Of Your Car In Winters

During the cold winter months, your car will likely experience mechanical problems. According to auto experts, extremely low temperatures cause car problems because metal shrinks in cold temperatures. Below is a list of some common car problems in winter: 1. Thickening Fluids When temperatures reach sub-zero levels, car fluids such …

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Top 10 Amazing Facts About Snow

Did you know that each winter one septillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) of snow crystals drop from the sky and that it takes about a million little droplets to make one snowflake? As common as it might seem at first glance, snow is actually a very complex type of precipitation. If you are …

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Bubble Blowing In Cold Have Unbelievable Results

Cold winter months do not look like the best time for bubble blowing, right? Soap bubbles bring back recollections of taking part in within the curtilage in shorts and t-shirts, not bundling up and staying within. However, as YouTuber SimonSaysBaka noted, processing bubbles in phase change temperatures creates one thing …

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Winter Turned Cars Into Art

Despite its coldness, winter is the season that creates for some heartbreakingly pretty car art, as this frozen Jaguar logo with its own frosty fur coat shows. While the frost can make getting into your car and get it moving tricky, at least you can take comfort in that your …

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