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If Sugar Is So Bad, Then Why Are Fruits Healthy?

We are all told that sugar is harmful to health and we should limit its intake. Okay, but then what about fruits? Don’t a lot of them like apples, mangoes, and berries have sugar in them? Yes, they might be natural sugar but is consuming more sugary fruits every day …

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10 Foods That Have High Sugar Content

A word of caution before you proceed: You’ll probably find some of your favorite foods on this list. Now, before you get irritated, remember the old adage: everything in moderation! Sugars should be limited to 36 grams a day for men and 24 grams for women, as stated by the …

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The Side Effects Of Having Too Much Sugar

There’s no denying that sugar makes food taste better. Yet, while we don’t associate all foods as having a sweet taste, sugar can be found in most foods. Just take a look at the label on your loaf of bread, or a jar of pasta sauce! Overloading on sugar on …

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