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14 Plants And Their Surprising Transformations

If you love gardening and have plenty of plants in your home and garden, you’re often facing this dilemma: should you or should not free up the pot and throw away that struggling plant that’s been looking all sad and withered for a while now? We say, ‘Give it another …

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16 Bizarre Plants And Animals You’ve Never Seen Before

Sometimes, those that differ from the crowd shine the brightest. This is exactly what the photos below prove, each depicting an animal or flower of unexpected colors. From a snow-white humpback whale to a toad of purple hues, nature has blessed these animals and plants with the brightest, most eye-catching …

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6 Useful Winter Gardening Tips For Your Plants

The benefits of having houseplants are many. They improve the indoor air quality and can even help deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder as they help our brains feel more content and comfortable. As wonderful as indoor plants are, they, too, have to endure several challenges of the various seasons. The …

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11 Of The Most Unusual Plants In The World

Nature provides us with endless entertainment. Upon exploring caves, deserts, and forests, scientists have documented sights that look as if they came out of a science fiction movie. The strange and wacky ways plants protect themselves shows you how talented Mother Nature’s creations can be. These extraordinary plants are stealthy, …

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6 Ways Your Plants Try To Communicate With You

Gardening and caring for our plants would be so much easier if our plants could only talk, and tell us exactly what they need, when. But, as this is obviously not the case, it doesn’t mean that they are not communicating with us. Rather than saying it out loud, they …

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18 Edible Plants You Didn’t Know About

In the West, people are so used to finding food in stores that most of them, if left alone in nature, wouldn’t be able to survive for very long. If by terrible chance you happen to be stuck in a place without any food, knowing what is edible can save …

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