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24 Most Amazing Photographs On The Internet

The internet is full of images, and – let’s be honest – most of them are pretty unmemorable. But not these! Each one of these 24 pictures is sure to surprise, stun, amaze or move you. A painted woman (really) Blood vessels in the head A protruding mammoth tusk in …

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15 Striking Photographs That Are Actually Paintings

Patrick Kramer is an American hyper-realist painter based in Springville, Utah. After graduating from Brigham Young University in 2008 with a major in art, Kramer has been painting professionally ever since. Each painting can take Patrick anywhere from 50 – 300 hours. In an interview with Wallhop, Kramer says his …

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59 Tragically Weird Wedding Photos Of The Year

When it comes to your wedding, everyone wants the day to be special and one they will remember forever. Well these photos are extremely awkward and nobody will forget them, but they are probably not what the person wanted to have from their wedding day. Some are on purpose, but …

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