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20 Amazing Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

“I love young potatoes. When I need to peel one, I just use some metal mesh for frying pans.” “I rub a potato with it, and then move onto the next one.” “To clean a drain filled with hair, just leave cheap hair removal cream in it for 15 minutes.” …

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15 Scary Facts You Never Knew About

But… it’s worth it??? Watching TV for a steady 2 hours a day has been shown to shorten the average lifespan by approximately 2 years. Keep that thing away from me The venom of a Japanese Hornet is so potent that it can and will dissolve your flesh. It’s cold, …

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33 Rare Historic Pictures Of Brave Women

Women have faced major disadvantages throughout the course of history. These brave ladies conquered all the obstacles and challenges set in front of them. Some of these courageous women helped to campaign for equal rights, worked as aviator mechanics, or defying authoritative figures to save lives. Some changed the world …

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13 Amazing Unheard Facts About Food

I smile from ear to ear when I even think about food. If you’re a true foodie then you know exactly what I’m talking about. And while I pride myself in knowing random food facts there was recently that got me thinking: did you know frozen fruit is healthier than …

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Top 11 Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About

There’s an endless list of weird facts about this world, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the 11 you’re about to learn really stand out! Do you know why female deer respond to the cries of a human baby, or why a long-dead Pharaoh needed a passport to …

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