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Amazing Realistic Artwork By Ralvin Dizon

Art is not as obvious as it used to be these days. Artists continue to explore various mediums, pushing their limits, seeing what they are able to create in the most unconventional ways. One unconventional method is the use of a ballpoint pen – a preferred method used by Ralvin …

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Korean Artist Makes Hyperrealistic Nature Paintings

Korean artist An Jung-hwan has found acclaim in recent years for creating stunning hyperrealistic paintings. The 42-year-old artist finds inspiration in nature to create his super realistic artworks and depicts various landscape scenes in flawless detail. Jung-hwan, who received his formal education in painting at Keimyung University in Daegu, South …

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42 Life Like Drawings To Leave You Awestruck

It’s often said that drawings, no matter how good, can’t fully reflect reality. Sheila R. Giovanni, a Brazilian from Bebedouro, São Paulo, begs to differ. She draws extremely high-detailed colored portraits of well-known celebrities that are indistinguishable from a photograph, or perhaps even real life. What makes it even more …

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