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Beautiful Miniature Birds Created With Paper

Vaishali and Nayan are paper artists based in India. Recently, they embarked on a 365-day challenge, creating miniature birds using paper and watercolors. Each of their artwork begins with a sketch on paper, after which different layers are traced from the sketch on 200 GSM watercolor paper. Then, each layer …

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17 Most Beautiful Birds You Have Never Seen

Amazing Birds Pictures – Nature’s Best Long-Tailed Widowbird These South African birds are named for their almost all black coloring and, of course, their extremely long tail. The tail of the males can be over 16 inches long, which is more than twice their body length. Splendid Fairywren The males …

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Some Birds Will Nest Just About Anywhere

  Birds need to nest. It is where they raise their young and find shelter. They can get quite creative about their choice of locations, however, and it can be quite surprising to see just how clever they can be when choosing a nesting place. Here are some of the …

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Woman Builds Tiny Houses For Birds That Visit Her

Portland, Maine-based illustrator and bird-lover Jada Fitch creates amazing little houses for her tiny bird friends. Filled with tasty treats and beautiful decor, Fitch attaches the houses to her windows at home so she could watch the little fellows from up close and capture photos and videos of them. These …

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