Sunday , January 29 2023

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The World’s Fastest Single Wheel Vehicle

A team of engineering students from Duke University, North Carolina have designed the world’s fastest electric monowheel. This unique vehicle has got approval from the Guinness World Record team and can reach speeds of up to 72 mph (115 kph), exceeding the 45 mph (72 kph) mark it needed for …

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The Most Dangerous Car In The World

Current car safety tests are disappointing and outdated, to say the least. For example, did you know that most car safety tests are designed only with male drivers in mind, which makes female drivers 47% more likely to suffer a major injury as a result of a car crash? This …

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Top 10 Largest Factories In The World

Lets have a look at the 10 largest factories in the world. Most of them belong to famous global automobile corporations. 1. Car factory of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany This is considered the largest automobile factory in the world with a floor area of up to 6.5 million m2. It …

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