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3D Glass Animals Paintings By Yosman Botero Gomez

Glass paintings are quite an unusual and intriguing phenomenon in itself, but wait until you see what incredible detail and precision painter Yosman Botero Gómez can achieve by creating 3D paintings of animals on plexiglass. The artist creates the illusion of dimension by overlapping several precisely-placed layers of plexiglass attached …

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An Artist That Paints Eyes On Rocks

I Collect Rocks, Paint Eyes On Them And Return Them To The Landscape To Be Found Or Lost Forever On a recent residency with Q Bank Gallery in Queenstown, Tasmania I began a project of transforming collected rocks into painted eyes and returning them to the landscape to be found …

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Polish Artist Makes Wonderful Venice Paintings

Maja Wrońska is a visual artist from Poland, who has a passion for watercolor arts. She works as an architect and is fascinated by cities and all the architecture they offer. In this collection, she is inspired by the stunning Italian city of Venice. Take a look at her phenomenal …

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Beautiful Miniature World By Tatsuya Tanaka

Have you ever imagined broccoli as little trees or leaves on water as boats? While these images stay in our imagination, artist Tatsuya Tanaka doesn’t let these sights stay in his head. He decided to create and photograph miniature worlds and even upload one picture every day to his site, …

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Artist Uses Tape To Create Striking Images

Creating public, large-scale murals seems like it would require a lot of fancy equipment. It also seems messy. Plus, if you’re doing it in the wrong place, you might get slapped with a vandalism charge. It honestly just looks like a real hassle. Unless you’re Australian street artist Buff Diss, …

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