Wednesday , August 17 2022

28 Stunning Pictures Of Traditional Wedding Attire From Around The World

Weddings. That one event where two beautiful people announce their union by calling a number of random people as witnesses. Well, I might be trivialising it a little but that’s the gist of it, isn’t it? What one cannot deny is that they are an absolute visual treat and in India, being home to thousands of wonderful traditions, it’s never a dull affair. But beyond the common chapel weddings and the amazingly loud Punjabi weddings that we encounter more often than usual, there are many other kinds that we might not have experienced yet. Here are some of the most beautiful wedding attires from around the world that show what a visual treat weddings are.

1. The Avar bride, a Caucasus native ethnic group living in the Russian republic of Dagestan

2. The Bedouin wedding veil in Israel

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