Sunday , December 4 2022

14 Women Share Their Stories On What It Means To Be Dark-Skinned And It’s The Most Inspiring Thing You’ll Read

The Dusk And Lovely campaign by Nandita Das moved everyone as the women with dark skin came together to share their stories and how they embraced the colour of their bodies.

When fairness creams are getting the flak for creating a confusion and worry in people’s minds, The Soup interviewed 14 different women and they had a lot to say.

Read below to see the struggle these brave ladies faced in their daily lives:

1. Nikhita Chinnari (21) – Financial Analyst

Being a native of Berhampur, Orissa where ‘Fair & Lovely’ is perhaps the most easily sold product, it’s hard to ignore your skin colour. Everyone seems to be chasing a fair saviour to procreate with and make fair babies dipped in milk and rice flour. I think 3 in 5 people have powder stuck in the creases of their neck. But barring 4 years in Orissa, I lived my whole life in Bombay. I was never made to feel conscious about my skin while growing up which is probably why it never affected me. I’ve obviously been teased and called ‘kaali’ but I’d grown indifferent to it simply because I knew it didn’t matter. In fact I’d feel the same way if I had electric pink skin.

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