Tuesday , June 28 2022

Why I Will Never Chase The Woman I Like

I have heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of people who are following the love of their life like there’s nothing else left in this world.

Well, I am not saying they are wrong but at the same time, I wonder what good they are doing for themselves or the person that they are chasing. To be honest, I have never understood the concept of chasing a woman. Yes, you have all the rights to try your luck if you like someone, but once they have given clear signals that they have no interest in you, isn’t it better to let them go?

Chasing a woman is not something that affects my ego or even my image, it is something that my conscience doesn’t allow.

Though I have been attracted to a lot of women, I have never tried chasing them when I am aware of the fact that she is not into me. Reason?

Respect. Firstly, to the woman and secondly, self-respect.

That matters a lot, right?

A very close female friend of mine once told me about this guy who was totally after her and she used to stay pissed all day because of him. It’s not like he bothered her or something, but the way he kept trying and she kept refusing was something that used to hurt her equally. In fact, she called him to meet one day so that she can explain things to him peacefully and he started over reacting.

He was ready to do anything to make her believe that he is really into her but she wasn’t and nothing could have changed her mind. But for the guy, things were beyond control as he has been totally diverted from his own life just to chase her. He didn’t just spoiled things for her but for himself as well.

So, if I know how my friend felt when she was being chased by a man, how is it possible for me to make a girl go through the same?

Guys, chasing is not just stalking someone or making desperate attempts, it’s everything you say or do to get her when you like her and she doesn’t have any interest. Yeah, chase your dreams if you want or that car that you like. But chasing a woman or a man for that matter?

Please don’t stoop so low!

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