Tuesday , September 27 2022

The Emotions You Go Through After A Breakup

These GIFs Perfectly Explain The Emotions You Go Through After A Breakup!

Most of us have had these heartbreaks at one time or another.

Moving on is never easy, especially in those first few months. And well it’s the same for everyone, trust me.

These GIFs perfectly explain the emotions you go through after a breakup.

This is a part of your daily routine!

You tell this to yourself!

And this!

You start blaming yourself in the beginning for trusting them!

This is how you answer if your friends call to check up on you!

This is how you mostly plan your night!

Sad music is your company mostly!

And slowly you start hating your ex!

And you stop believing in love too!

This is how you become after sometime!

And then you realize you have moved on from them!

And you start living your life with freedom again!

Until you fall in love again!

So which of these emotions you have felt after your breakup?

We know it’s a painful phase but with time you realize crying over something over and over again doesn’t help.

Live your life, enjoy, spread cheer and love the most important person in your life, and I remember I told it already once, that’s you! Yes you are the most important person in your life, so value yourself.

So cheer up if you are going through this phase, because today you may be sad, but tomorrow you will be just fine…

As kisi mahapurush ne kaha hai- What doesn’t kills you makes you stronger, so remember that!

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