Saturday , September 18 2021

Signs That Tells She Is Interested In You!

Confused if she’s interested in you or not?

Well you have come to the right place

She may not say it yet, but her action says it all.

Sometimes you just have to look at signs that tells she is interested in you.

We look at some of these signs that tells she is interested in you boy!

She’ll find ways to be around you!

And you would know how and when…

Stalking your Facebook or Instagram profile

If she’s constantly liking everything you puts on Facebook or even pictures you uploaded some years ago, means she’s checking on you. This is one of the clear sign that tells she’s interested in you.

She keeps looking at you!

And you’ll catch her looking at you like this quite often!

When she instantly texts you back!

She doesn’t want to keep you waiting, and hence will always be quick to respond.

She remembers everything you told her, even if you don’t remember telling her!

And she will remember every minute details too.

She’ll always have time for you!

Even if she’s busy, she will always take out time for you!

You can smell jealousy when you talk to other girls!

And she won’t admit! If you confront her, she’ll say- Why would I be jealous? Huh!

She’ll be all dressed up when she meets you!

Ah drop dead diva! And you can’t take eyes off her…

She laughs at everything you say!

Even if it’s not funny!

She’ll drop hints!

Now you need to be smart enough to catch them!

If you like her, and you see these signs in her too, it’s time to make a move!

Good luck mate!


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