Friday , September 18 2020

How To Make Sure That Your Crush Is Interested In You Too



Who among us all hasn’t had the fortune (or in some cases, misfortune) of having a massive crush on someone? Well, mostly prevalent in the hallways and corridors of high schools and colleges, crushes are, for better or for worse, a part of growing up.

But who says that a crush can only be one sided? In fact, if you really want to, there are a few things you could actually do to make sure that your crush is interested in you as well. And while we might not be able to guarantee that your crush will start paying attention to you, it’s likely that following these tips is going to have some impact.

So for starters, try following these 7 tips and you’re may just grab your crush’s attention.

1. Dress up stylishly.

No this is not a shallow suggestion, but rather a practical one. The best way to grab anyone’s attention, let alone your crush’s, is to start dressing up. By paying more attention to your wardrobe, you make it more likely for your crush to pay more attention to you.

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