Sunday , June 11 2023

How Insecurity Destroys A Great Relationship

Perhaps of all the feelings that one feels during a relationship, feeling insecure can be considered to be the most natural. After all, if you really love someone, and if your relationship with that person is on a strong footing, you’re bound to feel insecure about it.

But as natural as it can be to feel insecure about your relationship, it can end up being incredibly destructive as well. And it’s not in the ways you’d probably expect that insecurity can end up destroying a relationship. Allow me to explain this to you all in a better way.

Relationships are built on the foundation of trust. While everything else is important as well, it’s trust that matters the most. This is mostly because without trust, no relationship can last for long.

You might have the most complimenting personalities ever, you may have intense levels of passion for one another and you might even share undeniable chemistry with each other, but without trust, it just won’t matter. And so perhaps the most important element that all couples (be it romantic lovers or platonic friends) must preserve in their relationship with one another is trust.

Now you might be wondering why I am talking so much about the importance of trust and what that has to do with insecurity destroying great relationships. Well, everything. Just ask yourself, when and where does a person feel insecure? One could only feel insecure about something or someone if they don’t have enough trust that things won’t change.

If you don’t trust your partner or friend’s love for you and his or her level of commitment for you, you’re guaranteed to feel insecure about your position in their life and, as such, are guaranteed to end up causing damage to your relationship because of your insecurity.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that feeling insecure is a bad thing or that it’s wrong for you to have these types of feelings. Rather, all I am saying is that feeling insecure has got everything to do with trust and only if you’ve got trust issues vis-à-vis your relationship (be it because of past incidents or just because of the personality/nature of the other person), will you feel this way.

Now most great relationships have a pretty solid foundation of trust between them. But you never know just when insecurity might creep in. So to make sure you don’t end up destroying your relationship because of it, follow this one tip – communicate. Talk about your insecurity and what you are feeling with the other person and let them know why you’re feeling that way. Doing so will not only let the other person know what’s going on in your head, it’ll also give them a chance to ward of your insecurity (if they want to that is).

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