Saturday , October 31 2020

Every Indian Parent Needs To Understand About Divorces Is This



‘It is sacred’, they say. And to end a marriage would be the biggest blasphemy. Because how dare you? How dare you question the sanctity of a bond as ‘pure’ as marriage, no matter how much it suffocates you? ‘Fix it’, they say. ‘Or just live with it’. Silently. Without letting the world know. Shhh. ‘Log kya kahenge’. Live with your partner even though you cannot stand their presence. Live with them knowing they couldn’t care less about yours. Live with them knowing they’d rather be with another person. Live with them knowing they’re probably already with another person. Live with them knowing you’d be so much happier without them. Live knowing you’re dying every day. Because ‘only death can do you apart.’

That’s pretty much it, right? But here’s the thing, dear Indian parents. There’s something you really need to understand about this generation and the increasing divorce rates. It’s time we acknowledge that marriages do fail and the best one could do is walk out of them.

First things first, nobody marries with the intention of getting divorced one day. They don’t LIKE getting divorced, you know. It’s unfortunate for them much more than it is for you. ‘Fix it. Put in some more efforts, you say?’ They probably did. A decision as big as a divorce is rarely impulsive. Your son or daughter probably spent months, or even years trying to ‘fix it’ before they gave up. Please stop shaming and blaming your kids for their decision to walk out of a marriage. Please cut them some slack!

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