Monday , February 6 2023

Basic Skills To Have A Successful Relationship

What’s the secret to having a successful relationship?

A 2013 study conducted by Robert Epstein of the University of the South Pacific Fiji found it all begins with you. Epstein created a model defining a set of seven basic skills you should already have as an individual in order to have a strong, happy, and fulfilling relationship. In a 2016 replication of the study, Epstein and colleagues found that out of the seven key factors that make a good relationship, two matter the most. Chances are you already know what they are. The seven basic skills are ones you should be pretty familiar with: Communication, Conflict resolution, Knowledge of Partner, Life Skills, Self-management, Se* and Romance, and Stress Management.

So, which is it? The study asked over 2,000 adults to complete a questionnaire assessing their strength in each skill and then asked them to self-rate their satisfaction with their partner. It was found those who scored high in “Communication” and “Knowledge of Partner” were the most satisfied with their partner and relationship.

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