Thursday , July 9 2020

9 Types Of Guys On Shaadi.Com And Why They’re Not Getting Lucky


7. The I-Am-In-A-Business-Meeting Guy


This type is always dressed in a three-piece-suit and has an I-am-so-fucking-cool expression on his face. He probably works in an MNC, and behaves like everybody’s boss. He likes to quote his salary package during conversations, talks a lot about his boss and his car, and most of his pictures have him wearing a formal suit, laptop in hand, eyebrows knitted, looking into the distance.

8. The Tu-Janta-Hai-Mere-Papaji-Kaun-Hain Guy

Unless your daddyji is the president of the United States, you don’t try to impress by showing off your father’s and father’s brother’s professional status and success. Don’t spend long paragraphs ranting about how your dadaji’s mamaji once travelled in the same train as the Queen. The profile of this person will have his entire family history – 2 sentences about him and eighty sentences about his family. He will describe in detail how everybody in his family is a doctor or an IAS or a minister’s son’s playmate.

9. The Nice Guy


Hidden in the sea of stalkers and muscle-flexing NRIs, is the nice guy. He has a decent job – is most probably an engineer, reads books, plays a musical instrument, travels enough, and all that shizz. Out of the 20 requests he sends, 15 get rejected because the women probably mistake him to be one of the above 9 types.

So guys, if (god forbid) you plan to create an account on a matrimonial website, you know what to do and what NOT to do.

P.S.- This article is not sponsored by any matrimonial website, or any chachi or mami, looking to lure innocent young boys to start looking for brides online. Many people have found life partners on and are hopefully living happily ever since. We truly believe it is a good platform to find life partners. And anyway, everybody loves online shopping!

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