Friday , June 9 2023

9 Things You Should Make It A Point To Do While Waiting For ‘The One’

You’ve roamed, hunted, searched everywhere, but ‘the one’ is nowhere to be seen. From parties to treks, and from swiping left and right, you’ve been everywhere in the hopes of finding ‘the one’, but to no avail. The ones you set your eyes on are either committed or not interested. The ones who are interested in you are not exactly your cup of tea. In this mundane relationship trope, you’re still scratching your head thinking about ‘the one’.

However, consider this – How about not finding ‘the one’ at all? How about being the one? Here’s something you can do, while you’re on the long wait.

1. Be the one

Take a close look at yourself. Are you yourself? Do you crave for attention? Do you think you need someone to complete you? Answers to these questions will reveal how ‘desperate’ you are or aren’t to be with someone. In this entire search to find the ‘one’, somewhere you’re losing your own identity. You want someone else to like you by being someone you’re not. Instead of searching ‘the one’, how about ‘being someone’.

2. Hide your ‘Desperate Dan’ status

It’s okay to be desperate. What’s not okay is to show that you’re desperate. In desperation, we tend to make hasty decisions. That is, you would settle for someone who you would then realise was not meant for you.

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