Sunday , June 11 2023

9 Signs You Are An Ambivert

Wondering what’s an ‘ambivert’? Well, someone who neither belongs to the class of introverts nor extroverts, they are an amalgamation of the two types and ergo termed as an ambivert. If you are someone who deals with this staggering heaviness that, “Damn! I don’t even know whether I am an introvert or extrovert.”, here is something for you to relate to. Welcome to the ambivert bandwagon.

1. You may find it difficult to initiate a conversation, but once you are comfortable, you gradually fit yourself right in.

It’s not like you’re a bore, it’s just that you find it a little intimidating to initiate a conversation, especially when don’t have someone you know. In such cases, you prefer sitting silent; and on the contrary, if the ambience is conducive, you do get involved gradually and take active part.

2. There are days when you feel like partying hard and then there are also days when you just want to be left by yourself.

You are moody that way, you go through some serious mood swings ranging from having this insane urge to party and then to being left in complete isolation for the entire night.

3. There are days you are just an observer in a conversation, but when the topic is one of your favourite you participate with equal or more enthusiasm.

You have two extremes- The first is when you sit mum throughout a long conversation and the second is when you talk your heart out about your opinions and perception.

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