Tuesday , October 20 2020

8 Things You’ll Relate To If You ‘Zone Out’ Easily



What can be better than a good gossip session with our friends? Or catching up on a new show or how about a movie? Seems like a plan, eh?
While most of us will be excited at the thought of such plans there is a lot that did not even hear the plan because they spaced out while reading the second sentence itself. They are the people who ram into things twice their size, find themselves lost even at familiar spaces, have no idea as to how they reached the place, forget why they entered the kitchen or a supermarket and phew! The list goes on.
If you are one such person who decided to skip the above mentioned paragraphs because you zoned out you will relate to the following article only to question yourself at the end, “Wait, what was I reading again?”
1. You have an important role to play during conversations – remain silent and nod at regular intervals.

Even though you do not hear a word that is being said you ensure that you show others that you are actively participating in the conversation by nodding your head and hmm…ing at regular time intervals.
2. Most of the time, you are simply sleeping with your eyes open.

While some of us may be thinking of something important when spaced out, most of the lot is simply snoring away to glory. You decide to leave out the boring part only to catch the last bits of the session.

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