Friday , July 1 2022

8 Signs Your Partner Has Complete Control Over Your Relationship

Balancing things perfectly between the two is the most essential part of a relationship and the moment things start going off balance, the foundation starts shattering.

When it comes to having control over the relationship, you must share an equal amount of control to keep things flowing normally. When the control factor increases towards one side, the other one becomes powerless and starts feeling worthless in the relationship.

Here are some signs that you significant other has complete control over the relationship.

You give in to them. You are the one who compromises in the relationship. You are the one who ‘adjusts’ in the relationship and they hardly return the favour.

They threaten to dump you. Whenever there is an argument, they threaten you and remind you that there are other people interested in them. You happen to do nothing about it because you are scared of losing them.

You wear what they like. You dress to please them, even if it means you don’t get to wear what you want. When you go shopping together, you end up buying what they chose for you instead of what you wanted.

You do every little thing for them. When it comes to efforts being taken in a relationship, it is clearly one-sided. You do almost everything for them. You cook. You clean. You book a table for dinner. You book a cab for them. You pay the bills for them. And they in return are not even thankful for it, let alone returning the favours.

You are the one who asks for permission. Be it a night out with friends, or vacation with family; you are the one who has to ask for permission to go ahead with it. Whereas they never ask for your permission, they simply inform you about their plans.

You always end up apologizing. It doesn’t matter if they are at fault or you are; you are the one who always ends up apologizing.

Both of you keep secrets from each other. You keep secrets from them because of the fear of losing them or getting into another argument with them. They keep secrets from you because they are not your real priority and they don’t want to let you know about it.

They clearly are the one who cares less. The amount of love, care and respect has to be equal to have a healthy relationship. If they don’t care about you and your future together, step out of it.

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