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8 Signs That Indicate You Are Ready To Fall In Love Once Again

Many think that the cure to a broken heart or loneliness is a new relationship, and while this may seem logical, your heart really has to be ready for such love again. In order for you to be in that place and allow yourself to open up, and perhaps even get hurt, we’ve put together the 8 tell-tale signs that you’re definitely ready to love and be loved again.

8 Signs That Indicate You Are Ready To Fall In Love Once Again

1. Your past doesn’t make you feel negative emotions

The fears and negative feelings you had when you’d see your ex, are gone – the fits of anxiety and pressure stress are gone and the anger you had towards them has long since disappeared. In fact, you begin to relate to your past with warmth and gratitude for what happened, because the time you were in that relationship also gave you many good things. These signs show that you’ve moved on and have stopped feeding the negative feelings you had. Now you are ready to set out and focus on your future and building a new relationship.

2. You aren’t afraid to be alone

Most of us know the cliché that says love will come when we least expect it, and in this case, it’s true. Contrary to logic, you are never really ready for a new relationship and it may come just when you aren’t expecting or looking for it at all. This is because at these moments you don’t feel sad when you’re alone, you aren’t sitting at home waiting for your next love to come knocking on the door and you aren’t obsessively checking your phone for new messages. Instead, you’re filling your life with things that really interest you, which causes others to fall in love with you and also leads you to naturally fall in love with the right person.

8 Signs That Indicate You Are Ready To Fall In Love Once Again

3. You have your own friends and hobbies

When we are in a relationship, we subconsciously begin to adopt our spouse’s hobbies. But after we separate from them, we often discover we have little to no interest in these things, intriguing and attractive as they were to us in the beginning. In these moments you’ll begin to abandon your shared hobbies and discover the things that you really love. Beyond that, you’ll also forge genuine friendships, not those that stemmed from knowing your spouse.

4. You feel ready and able to give love

When you aren’t in a relationship you accumulate warmth and tenderness which you can give to your future love. Think of this accumulation as investments for a rainy day, the day you realize that you don’t just want to be supported and embraced, but that you too are ready to embrace, hold, support and be warm toward another person – in fact, it is the clearest sign that you are ready to love again.

8 Signs That Indicate You Are Ready To Fall In Love Once Again

5. You don’t feel bad when you see other couples

When you are alone, in most cases when you see a romantic movie or a couple walking around in you’ll feel a pinch in your heart and the loneliness will really set in at that moment. But if you can hear love stories and be truly happy when your friends get married or confess their deep feelings toward their partners, you’ve made the leap and are ready to love again. When you are not jealous of your friends, and those who have found a happy relationship before you, you actually know and understand that love is waiting around the corner for you as well.

6. You feel ready to go on dates

It’s easy to say that once you feel ready to date again, it’s a sign that you’re ready to love again, but it’s very hard to put a finger on the exact time. So, if you feel ready to talk about yourself again and the idea of getting to know someone from scratch isn’t a bother or a nuisance, and in fact these things fascinate and intrigue you, this is a sign that you’re ready to fall in love again – enough time has passed since your breakup or separation and you are ready to be charmed and wooed again.

8 Signs That Indicate You Are Ready To Fall In Love Once Again

7. You are able to say “no”

Another sign that points to readiness for love directly correlates to you not being afraid of being alone, learning to redraw your boundaries properly and knowing what you are looking for in your future partner. Therefore, you can easily say “no” to anyone with whom you don’t see a rosy future with. In addition, it’s important to decide which things, character traits etc., you aren’t willing to compromise on, this will help you not waste any time on the duds!

8. You are willing to compromise

You know what is important to you in your future partner and your boundaries are strict, but at the same time, you realize that there may be something in you that your new love won’t like. You understand this, are able to discuss these issues and are willing to compromise – you are willing to give up old habits and develop new ones, reconsider your views on certain issues, and try new and surprising things – this is a sign that you are ready to love again.


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