Wednesday , June 29 2022

7 Things You’ll Relate To If You Are The Goofball Of Your Group

You encounter a variety of people in your friend circle. While some are smarty pants, freaky fashionistas, crazy bookworms, others are the usual lazy asses, party poopers and the flirtatious ones. And then, there are our beloved goofballs – the ones who are always cracking amazing jokes (well, they’re lame most of the time but don’t tell them), can be found spoiling the picture perfect poses with their funny faces and are always in a mess.

They are royal jesters who’ll be always present to entertain you. Love them or hate them but you can’t ignore them.

If you are one such goofball, this one is for you.

1. You are prone to making silly mistakes.

You trip easily, can be found colliding to anything and everything, loudly laughing at almost everything, making funny faces and sheepishly grinning when you are transferred into your own world. You attract silliness like no other and often end up being laughed upon.

2. But you take it in good spirit and laugh along.

You do not mind being laughed at because you know it is not supposed to be offensive and demeaning. You are always lively and spirited enough to goof-up and make a cute apologetic face that helps you get out of any situation.

3. You are the entertainer of the group.

You are an important part of the group. You actually keep them together. You are always there to ease out a situation and there is never a dull moment with you. You are so famous that you have to be present at every function and friends of friends look forward to meeting you.

4. You are always remembered for your silly antics that brings a smile to other’s faces.

Though your friends may find you irritating at times but they fondly remember you when they are upset because they trust you to brighten their day. You are always a part of their chats and funny stories.

5. You are never taken seriously.

It is an unspoken rule in the group that you are not to be taken seriously. Your pranks and goof-ups have resulted in you being termed as the person who cried wolf. Even the line “I am serious” invites uncontrollable laughter and you cannot help but worry about what’s wrong with your group.

6. Except for a few nobody even realizes if you are upset.

The thought of you being really sad about something can never enter anyone’s mind as they’ve always seen you with a cheerful smile on your face. But when they do know about it, it can leave them worried. But there is nothing to worry as you soon return to your normal self.

7. And, you are a genuinely nice person with a heart of gold.

Though your goofiness entertains your friend but they also know that you are a gem of a person who thinks about keeping it fun and will not allow anyone to get upset. You are the first one they contact when they feel low and you are always there to provide a comforting shoulder.

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