Sunday , July 3 2022

7 Things You Must Never Do To Get Attention From A Guy

Who doesn’t like a little extra amount of attention? Girls obviously do. But unfortunately, some girls choose the wrong path to get this extra amount of attention from guys.

You will get all the attention you deserve if he appreciates the person you are, not if you are trying to be the person he likes (if you can make out the difference). There are some things that must never be done to get a guy’s attention and here they are:

1. Change your appearance.

Like all girls have preferences in guys they date, guys have too. He might tell you that he likes girls with piercings, but that doesn’t mean you have to get some just to impress him. Be the way you are and sooner or later, he will change his preferences.

2. Pretend to like things that you hate.

It is okay if you act honest and let him know that you are not interested in something that he likes. He will only appreciate your honesty if not anything else.

3. Ditch your friends.

Remember: Friends are forever. The guy you went out with once is not worth cancelling an important plan with your friends. Always have your priorities set right.

4. Starve yourself.

No matter how perfect a girl looks, she is never satisfied with her looks. She aims to get thinner, stronger, curvier and what not! The only thing that you must worry about your body is if it is healthy, nothing else matters. If he makes fun of your body in any way, he isn’t worth the effort.

5. Have se* before you even get to know him well.

There are no set rules for having se* with a guy for the first time. You do it when you feel it is right. Never do it under pressure or as an effort to make him like you more. It is pure stupidity!

6. Make huge life decisions influenced by him.

Dating someone is directly proportional to letting a person having influence in your life. Any influence is good as long as it is a positive one. Never take an important decision to please him which you otherwise wouldn’t have taken.

7. Pretend to be someone you are not.

The fact that he is dating you itself states that he likes the way you are. If you try to mould yourself into someone you are not depending on which actress he likes, it is going to do you no good.

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