Sunday , July 3 2022

7 Things Only An Alcoholic Friend Will Understand

Though alcoholism is not a good habit, we all have friends addicted to it and they are unstoppable. When there is one person in a friend circle who is an alcoholic, he becomes the center of attraction. No, not out concern but for jokes. Well, his habits and the instances that take place when he is around has made him the essence of fun in your life.

And only if you are an alcoholic’s friend, you will understand these things clearly:

1. His drunk stories are drunk too.

You don’t remember the last time he has told you a story where he wasn’t drunk. Moreover, those stories are again told when he is drunk. Basically, every story related to his life is moving around alcohol.

2. You don’t remember the last time he was sober.

When? Where? How? These are some of the questions that pop up in your mind when someone asks you to describe how your friend is when he is sober. Well, it’s the most difficult thing for you because every time you meet him, he is a bit drunk.

3. You call him with drunk names.

When a friend is completely in love with alcohol, you have to give him weird alcoholic names too. ‘Devdas’, ‘Bevda’, ‘Talli’ are some of the top names that people choose.

4. You have listened to all his stories at least 3 times.

When someone gets drunk, they have no idea of how many times they speak about the same old thing. In his case, it is one story on repeat every day till the time he finds another one.

5. He has chosen alcohol over love many times.

His alcoholism has not let any girl stay around him because he is too much in love with this shit. Whenever he gets to choose one of the things, he goes for alcohol. Well, not a smart choice but come on, he gets to be single all the time.

6. He has said ‘I quit’ a million times.

Every time he wakes up in bad hangover or falls sick, he tells you – ‘I quit today’. Unfortunately, that today has not come yet and you don’t think it will come anytime sooner.

7. Interventions are everyday business for you.

Because of your friend’s increasing alcohol problem, you and your friends have tried the concept of intervention on him a lot of times. But it all ends up being a lecture that he forgets on the very same day.

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