Monday , February 6 2023

7 Signs Your Friendship Is Meant To Last Forever

A friend who will stay by your side no matter what are really hard to find. We all make friends and most of the time these friendships are short-lived or are just maintained at a certain level.

Out of a huge gang, you might connect to just one person on a completely different level, or if you’re a lucky one, you get an entire everlasting group of BFFs. But apart from all these factors, we all have a best friend.

Here are 7 signs that mean you will grow old with your BFF.

1. Silence is never awkward when you’re together.

You have never experienced awkward silences when you are with each other. Their presence matters and even if you are doing no significant thing, your time is always well spent.

2. You feel like twins that got separated somehow.

Most of your likes and dislikes are similar, except your taste in different little things which is obviously okay. You also connect on a level where you may say or feel the same thing and it makes you feel like you got separated at birth.

3. You stand for each other during bad times.

You know you can always count on each other. And they are probably the first person you go to when you’re feeling rough.

4. They’re always just a phone call away.

To cry, bitch, or celebrate, you don’t ever have to make appointments to meet. They are always available for you!

5. You’re always in contact because there’s so much to talk about.

Meeting everyday (if that’s possible) or over the phone, you can talk to them all the time. Not because you can but because you want to.

6. Or you can not talk for weeks but everything still remains unaltered.

If time or work restricts, sometimes you may lose contact but that will never affect your friendship. Not in this life.

7. You always feel good after meeting each other.

No matter how cranky or grumpy you’ve been throughout the day, you will always feel good after meeting them. Because only they can make you happy by just being themselves.

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