Tuesday , June 28 2022

7 Best Ways To Tell Your Girlfriend To Mind Her Own Business

I am sure you have a great girlfriend and your love story is beyond perfect. Well, at least that’s what you guys feel right now and I am really happy for you. But don’t you think that even after being so adorable and lovable, your girlfriend asks way too many questions at times.

It’s okay to ask questions that need to be answered but when she intervenes too much into matters that even you don’t want to talk about, doesn’t it become irritating?

Yes, it does and that is why we have figured out the best ways for you to tell your girlfriend to mind her own business without the conversation ending up in a fight.

1. Why don’t you first relax?

If she is asking you about things right after you met, you really need to tell her this. And if you are able to offer her a drink or something to eat while asking her to relax, she will forget what she is asking. Hence, work done!

2. Let’s talk about you.

Girls love it when you want to talk about them and not you, so take the chance and just do it. Yes, you may have to hear a lot of unnecessary stories but isn’t it better than telling her something that you don’t want to?

3. That thing doesn’t hold importance in my head.

Even if what she is asking is very important to you, make her believe that it’s not. By telling her that the topic she is talking about is unimportant, you will be able to get rid of her questions.

4. I will tell you if you kiss me first!

They say you can shut a girl up with a kiss, in this scenario when she is asking so many questions, you need to ask her for a kiss. Well, it will work for you as you will be able to have a romantic moment and get her off of the topic.

5. I don’t want to bother you with that.

Make her feel special and let her believe that you are not talking about that particular thing because she will be bothered. Girls love to know that you care for such little things and they agree to it in a moment.

6. I don’t feel like talking about that.

This one needs to come out in a deep and emotional voice to make her believe that. Bring out the emotions of being disturbed because of a topic and your girlfriend will let it go in a second.

7. Tell her straight away.

The last resort is to have your girlfriend back off from a topic is to tell her straight away to mind her own business. Well, it won’t harm you much, just that she will be sad for a while and you may have a fight too. But after that, all will be well for you.

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